New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Posted on 15th April 2011 in Reviews

Twilight left a mostly a positive impression upon me. I found room for general praise in my review of that book, for taking classic gothic elements and fusing them into modern fiction in a manner appealing to many, and not just to Stephenie Meyer’s agent. Enter then its sequel.

New Moon opens with Bella dreaming. She dreams of doomed love with her boyfriend Edward Cullen; but is there any other type betwixt vampire and mortal human woman, in popular fiction anyhow, anywhere in the known universe? The obvious questions regarding such a tie-up that are lingering on readers’ minds clearly aren’t exclusive to them alone. Click here to read more.. »

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Posted on 17th December 2010 in Reviews

Twilight-book-coverAs Twilight opens, the world of Bella Swan is a small, confused and emotionally-charged one, as she uproots and moves to be with her father in the tiny hamlet of Forks in the Northwestern U.S.

As if dealing with such upheaval at the delicate age of 17 wasn’t enough, emotional growing pains are magnified by her awkward interactions with the cool and suave mystery boy at school. Cue Edward Cullen, and his equally unique yet uber-stylish family.

Whilst Edward’s behaviour toward Bella is quite chilly from the start, it’s just a matter of time before the two are drawn together in a brooding and only slightly atypical teen-angst-fashion. Concurrently the mysteries regarding Edward and his clan slowly pile up.

Before long it becomes apparent that the distance he sought to create between himself and Bella really could’ve been quite useful and, well, life-saving even.  But then as we’re quite aware from centuries of literature, and circa 1960’s ballads regaling us to the aphrodisiac qualities of a full moon, nothing stands in the way of true love. Click here to read more.. »