Afterlife by Douglas Clegg

Posted on 5th May 2011 in Reviews

Julie Hitchinson’s life is torn apart when her husband Hut is murdered in what is a suspected serial killing. Almost immediately, patterns relating to the manner of his demise begin to rise to the surface in a manner clouded in enigmatic mystery.

Julie soon begins to question her grasp on reality, as well as her own sanity, as she begins to delve into her surroundings to try and piece together an answer for the strange things that have been occurring. Enlisting help in the form of a TV psychic, she sets off to unravel links between a long abandoned private psychical research centre named Daylight, and its place at the heart of the recent disruptions and turbulent strangeness in her life. Click here to read more.. »

The Cypress House by Michael Koryta

Posted on 31st March 2011 in Reviews

The Cypress House definitely doesn’t start with a whimper when introducing its supernatural elements. When Arlen Wagner looks around the train carriage carrying himself and co-workers to a jobsite in the Florida Keys, all he sees are skeletons looking back at him.

His gift for identifying those soon to die evolved following his experiences in the Great War, and he finds himself trying to convince those around him to leave the train.

He fails in his task, with only a young co-worker debarking with him in the middle of nowhere. Seeking shelter, the pair meet up with a traveller who helps them out with a room for the night, and then with transport toward their destination. Click here to read more.. »

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Posted on 7th January 2011 in Reviews

dead-until-darkPoor Sookie Stackhouse. The 25-year-old cocktail-bar waitress from Bon Temps, northern Louisiana, can’t seem to catch a break. Cursed with a telepathic gift that severely hindered her attempts at a normal life, it also made her subject to a fair amount of poking and prodding from members of the psychiatric profession in her youth.

Sookie daren’t even date because of all this weirdness, and has found her educational and career prospects heavily impaired by her ESP-based handicap and its overwhelming effect on her concentration.

To top it off, when the first vampire she has come across walks into her bar she finds that she is unable to read his mind; subsequently she becomes tied-up in a series of events that will change her life dramatically.  With the attempted murders of herself and the mystery vampire on the cards early on in the book, as well as the killings of several locals in this small, deep-South backwater, the stage is set for a rip-roaring supernatural-horror thriller with a healthy dose of Cajun seasoning. Click here to read more.. »

Blood Games by Richard Laymon

Posted on 6th January 2011 in Reviews

blood-games-coverIf the characters in Blood Games were aware of the unwritten, but assumed (by genre fans anyway), rules of horror novels then they’d probably think twice about taking their yearly, week-long adventure and thrill seeking vacation at the now abandoned holiday-spot the Totem Pole Lodge.

But for the five girls, close friends since their hell-raising college days, if it doesn’t involve actions of excess, high-spirits and general risk-taking, then it’s probably not something worth pursuing.

Threads of some of the girls’ more extreme past actions, often in relation to injustices upon their ilk whilst in college, are peppered throughout the book, particularly in its early chapters.  These are generally wild and crazy recollections, sometimes veering on the extreme, and offer a fair back-story regarding the characters whilst allowing Laymon to get down to the nitty-gritty of building the present-day story arc. Click here to read more.. »