The Terror by Dan Simmons

Posted on 2nd December 2010 in Reviews

Slow-burning historical horror novel The Terror gives its attentions to the ill fated and non-fictional, yet culturally fabled, 1845 Franklin Arctic Expedition.  With its uncanny twists amid what’s otherwise solid historical fiction the horror aspect may not certainly be for everyone’s taste.

Some readers may be put off by the book’s length, as Simmons is certainly not shy of getting down to business when it comes to quality word count, as other books in his pedigree back-catalogue of novels suggests.

Sticking with the book does pay off however, and it rewards your attentions with a very rich story and plot, and memorable characters who stay with you long after you’ve finished. From a horror aspect however it certainly drifts a little toward the end leaving this reviewer wanting a little more, if only because it had been so strong throughout in other aspects. Click here to read more.. »