The Small Hand by Susan Hill

Posted on 12th August 2011 in Reviews

Susah Hill writes amazing supernatural tales. I figured it’s better to flag my status as being ‘in awe of Susan Hill’ as soon as possible; not that there’s usually any room for confusion. Hill is a modern day expert as regards the ghost story, and her novella The Woman in Black one of the finest examples of supernatural literature to date. When it comes to setting a scene, and soaking the reader in a world written in spookiest ink, Hill knows the score.

John Keats once wrote a letter to an acquaintance, J. H. Reynold, as to how he would impress him with emotionally charged prose:  “I’ll cavern you, and grotto you, and waterfall you, and wood you, and water you, and immense-rock you, and tremendous sound you, and solitude you…” he promised. As in a similar style to the Romantic poet, Susan Hill has a toolset to effect all of the finest literary gothic traditions. Click here to read more.. »