Dark Tower Related Happenings

Posted on 27th April 2011 in Blog

It’s not just the weather that’s been heating up lately (at least here in the U.K.). Stephen King’s epic fantasy/horror/sci-fi book series The Dark Tower has seen a fair amount of bubbling activity also, in regards to both print and a planned big (and small-screen) adaptations.

Per the New York Post, Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem has finally inked his signature on a contract to star as Roland Deschain in a Dark Tower three movie set along with accompanying TV-series to follow. Bardem had long been favoured for the role in director Ron Howard’s outing, but nothing had yet been made concrete. Film studio Universal had earlier said that the first movie will open in May 2013, so hopefully they can get those cameras rolling now. Click here to read more.. »

The Shining by Stephen King

Posted on 2nd January 2011 in Reviews

King’s 1977 novel The Shining is a haunted house book that literally knocks the socks off of other haunted house novels. Certain others, preceding and following it, have come close to presenting their cases toward achieving similar greatness in the annals of that distinct literary horror sub-genre, but in my opinion nothing has yet toppled this great book. Titles such as Matheson’s Hell House certainly do deserve a very respectful nod of appreciation however.

Stanley Kubrik’s 1980 film adaptation of The Shining is similarly famous in the horror film genre, and though its plot differs from that of the book in several key areas it’s a strong contender in its own right, and well worth a watch for anyone who has yet to experience its genuine terror. King himself was not at all happy with the film however, and an interview with the Writer’s Digest in ’09 he stated that he actually hated Kubrick’s ‘cold adaptation’. Click here to read more.. »

Stephen King’s Book Vehicles Get Rebooted

Posted on 16th December 2010 in Blog

The last couple of years have seen a large number of remakes and reboots of film properties.  From J. J. Abrams’ successful Star Trek remastery, to Rob Zombie’s powerful remake of the first two Halloween films, to Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins and its sequel.  The last of the caped crusader flicks alone netted a cool $1 bil.  Then there’ve been the more questionable remakes – Nightmare on Elm Street, anyone?

Variety reported that there are plans afoot to remake Stephen King’s 1980 novel Firestarter as a multi-picture enterprise.   The 1984 original starred Drew Barrymore, and plans are set to make the character in the remake even edgier.  Click here to read more.. »