The Thing on the Shore by Tom Fletcher

Posted on 7th April 2011 in Reviews

Tom Fletcher’s 2010 debut horror novel The Leaping was an eye opener in the direction of the new blood emerging on the circuit in its skilled author; it was also a breath of fresh air in regards to his approach to the genre.

At its heart lay a group introspective, an exploration of relationships, platonic and otherwise, within a circle of friends. And beneath this lay a slumbering, brutal tale that was equally raw, honest, and often times beautiful and bleak. Oh yes, and there was a bucket load of Mario Kart thrown in for good measure.

With The Thing on the Shore there’s a continuation of many of the same themes that made The Leaping so endearing, and compulsive. Yet there’s also a twist to the yarn that makes this book stand up for analysis on its own as equally well as its forebear. Click here to read more.. »

The Leaping by Tom Fletcher

Posted on 5th January 2011 in Reviews

the-leaping-tom-fletcher-coverAt its heart The Leaping is a novel of relationships, and of individuals intertwined together as they make their way through the melancholy and bittersweet paths of early adult life.  The focus is on several friends who live together and all work at the same call-centre in Manchester, as they experience the fun and frustrations afforded by their environment.

Work is dull, the atmosphere and duties vacuous, but bills must be paid after all, and the group of friends compensate for a hard day at the office by enjoying good company over numerous shared activities.  Be it a night out on the town, a team game of Mario Kart, joint bemusement at the quirky behaviours of others in their clique, there is a solid support foundation should any of them need it.

Told from the first person perspective of different members of the group, but primarily of male leads Jack and Francis, the novel spends a fair amount of time grounding us in the lives of its charges.  Fletcher does a great job of setting the scene and explaining the individual dynamics of the composite group members.  Each is more fully fleshed out through anecdotes from other characters, who also share their own thoughts and worries, and also through the identity ascribed them by their own tastes in films, books, music and games. Click here to read more.. »

Happy New Year

Posted on 1st January 2011 in Blog

I just wanted to wish all of our readers out there a Happy New Year!  May 2011 bring you much joy and happiness, and many, many great spooky books.

Looking at my reading pile (which is as epic as Dan Simmons’ recently reviewed Carrion Comfort) I have to say that without even taking into account some of the cool new upcoming books headed our way in 2011, I’ve still a fair few volumes sprinkled in from the past few years and decades to make my way through.  Not that I’m complaining you understand.

I am eagerly looking forward to the new horror, supernatural and weird books headed our way this year.  Three books especially stand out for me that will see publication in the first few months of the year. Click here to read more.. »