The Fog by James Herbert

Posted on 6th December 2010 in Reviews

There have been numerous takes on the non-meteorologically induced fog and mist-based themes.  The Mist by Stephen King does a great job of highlighting both terror from the unknown of the fog, and raised tensions in fear of what may lurk within a community’s paranoid heart.  John Carpenter’s movie is a tale of ghostly revenge, with those killed a century before wreaking vengeance from within a fog bank.

Herbert’s The Fog is an exercise in literary terror, as a yellow fog seeps from the ground in rural England following an earthquake, affecting the minds and sanity of all those that encounter it, magnifying their psychotic behaviours and removing any sense of restraint.  Soon, innocent and well respected people are turning into killers, torturers and sexually maligned deviants, and it remains for one man to try and uncover what it is that’s causing such a grisly series of events. Click here to read more.. »