The Faceless by Simon Bestwick

Posted on 15th March 2012 in Reviews

Simon Bestwick’s The Faceless is a sturdy beast of a horror book. This grim, supernaturally-loaded tale of genuine melancholy, with a compelling and well evolved plot, is tinted with a sense of despair and anguish. It’s often bleak and ugly – as a tale laced with themes of war and suffering should be – but the story underpinning it is finely crafted.

A series of mysterious and dire events have been slowly unravelling in the town of Kempforth. From the disappearance of numerous people, to the burning down of the local community art centre and deaths of several students attending, some locals are beginning to turn to old myths to provide answers to what are most surreal questions regarding what’s been happening in this close-knit Lancashire community. Click here to read more.. »