Hell House by Richard Matheson

Posted on 20th May 2011 in Reviews

Richard Matheson’s Hell House is one of the finest haunted house books out there. If you’ve a passing interest in the genre, or specifically in the ‘houses-that-are-haunted’ sub-genre, then do yourself a favour and check this novel out.

It tells the story of Belasco House, or Hell House, which we learn early on to be the Mount Everest of haunted houses. In the past it has twisted, smashed and destroyed those souls who have sought to understand, control or even temper it. Even before it was haunted, for its former living inhabitants, it was a communal den of sin and iniquity the likes of which few civilised places know. Sounds like a good place for a party, then; just be sure not to advertise it on Facebook. Click here to read more.. »

I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Posted on 29th March 2011 in Reviews

I think that it’s important when reviewing this title not to underplay its influence on subsequent vampire, apocalyptic and zombie genres, and not just in the novel format. Horror-meister George Romero cites I am Legend as the main influence for his seminal Night of the Living Dead movie.

That’s no small beer: from that classic an entire sub-genre was born, so it’s interesting to think then that the vampire technically gave birth (or had a huge part to play) in the creation of the zombie genre as we know it today. Click here to read more.. »