The End of the Line – Jonathan Oliver (Editor)

Posted on 4th April 2011 in Reviews

I’ve always been fascinated with the London Underground, and other metro systems I’ve encountered worldwide, such as the Paris Métro or the Washington DC system. As a child I was drawn to Harry Beck’s famous map of the Underground: all of those coloured lines representing different passages beneath the sprawling metropolis, and numerous opportunities to travel across the fair city.

Yet as much as I love the Underground, there’s no denying a certain element of menace there too. Dark and dank corners where ominous shadows melt into even stranger shapes, clusters of drunken folks loitering threateningly near dilapidated elevators, isolated station platforms near to closing time, that is apart from that strange trench coat wearing chap up the end there…and is that a hook on his right hand? Click here to read more.. »

Ancient Images by Ramsey Campbell

Posted on 8th March 2011 in Reviews

ancient-images-book-reviewFilm editor Sandy Allan works for London Metropolitan Television with colleague and good friend Graham Nolan. Graham has undertaken a search to find a missing film print of a fabled 1930′s horror film that has never been shown, and about which there had been doubts as to its existence. There’s also been cloaked rumour and intrigue surrounding the movie, its director, cast and crew, which adds to its pedigree of mystery.

Excitement has been building for a while, as after all the film had starred horror legends Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, and Sandy is invited to private screening at Graham’s flat.  However, tragedy befalls her friend when he falls from a nearby building moments before they are to watch an ultra-rare print of the movie that he has somehow been able to secure. That same print disappears once more, being taken from his flat whilst the calamity surrounding his death ensued. Click here to read more.. »

The Doll Who Ate His Mother by Ramsey Campbell

Posted on 30th November 2010 in Reviews

Doll Who Ate His MotherClare Frayn is a school teacher whose life takes a turn for the worst when her brother is killed in a car crash whilst she is at the wheel.  Feeling responsible for her sibling’s demise guilt gnaws away at Clare, but a more surreal aspect of the accident pushes this aside and at the same time draws the attention of a crime writer from London.

Soon, along with several others whose lives have been intertwined by an individual seen fleeing the site of the original car crash, a group of interested people forms and they begin following a line of investigations with its own shadowy inclinations. Click here to read more.. »