Nightmare by Stephen Leather

Posted on 15th May 2012 in Reviews

When we last left hard-boiled and supernaturally-inclined PI Jack Nightingale (in Nightmare‘s prequel Midnight) he’d met with the demon Proserpine to discuss her numerous and quite flagrant attempts to kill him. That meeting had concluded with something of an uncomfortable revelation for Jack, and a realisation that he really needed to stop trying to read the intentions and guesswork of the otherworldly and diabolically-evil-influenced party-set.

Nightmare, the third book in the series, opens at a rapid pace. Leather is an author adept at getting his readers turning the pages of his books eagerly, and there’s little time for dallying around here. So it is that Jack’s pulled from his flat by the police, who seem to perpetually flick between both needing and deploring him in some way or other, and carted off swiftly to assist them with their enquiries. Click here to read more.. »