Night Shift by Stephen King

Posted on 25th October 2011 in Reviews

Night Shift is a collection of Altoid-strength, horror-focussed short stories. The stories here are not just strong in an almost consistent manner. They are modern classics, and I’d argue that they’re definitive in the genre. Several from this collection alone have been made into films, and justly so. There was even talk for one of the stories here, Trucks, may actually be remade into a film for what would be a third time, in the near future.

There is nothing here that is not great, and that is not worthy of reading. From the opening Lovecraft-inspired Jerusalem’s Lot, a tale that rewards equally the King hardcore fan (for ‘Salems Lot followed from here) as well as the reader who loves all things Arkham House, this collection picks up steam and keeps going. Click here to read more.. »