Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Posted on 20th January 2011 in Reviews

frankenstein-book-coverWhat is it with classic horror authors and their need to impress?  Whilst Mathew Lewis penned the bloody, gothic classic The Monk before he turned twenty, Mary Shelley went one better with Frankenstein, writing the novel at eighteen years old and having it put into print by the time she was twenty.

And like The Monk what a novel it is. Frankenstein has become a game-changer to the point that today it is as recognisable brand-wise as Coca-Cola, Apple Computers, and even its literary-spawned counterpart Dracula.

There is one caveat to this familiarity, as a quick trip to Google Images will show you, and that’s that the monster of the book is often wrongly attributed with the name of his actual creator (thanks in part to the success of James Whale’s classic 1930′s motion picture series). Click here to read more.. »