Last Days by Adam Nevill

Posted on 19th August 2012 in Reviews

Just a few pages into Adam Nevill‘s supernatural horror novel Last Days and I was reminded why exactly he’s my favourite British horror author. His deft touch with all things in the arena of dread literature, his ability to craft a masterful supernatural tale within highest quality prose, and continue to deliver highly appropriate shocks throughout; these things are all evident here.

Last Days is the story of Kyle Freeman, an independent film-maker with some minor-successes under his belt, but who’s not yet made it big. Debt-laden, and desperate for success, it’s still with a little reluctance that he’s contracted by media mogul-type, Max Solomon, to shoot a documentary. The subject of that is to be an end-of-days cult, whose doom-laden finale played out in a bloody show-down in Arizona over thirty five years previously. Kyle brings his long-term camera man and erstwhile friend Dan along for the ride, and the pair embark upon a tightly scheduled film and interview schedule with key players in the cult’s horrifying last years and months, and then days, of existence. Click here to read more.. »