Win a Copy of House of Fear

Posted on 23rd September 2011 in Blog

In the run up to Halloween 2011 it’s time to spread some scary texts far and wide, and what better way to do that than with a competition to win an awesome horror book. Thanks to the kind folk over at Solaris Books I’ve got three copies of their upcoming haunted house short stories anthology House of Fear to give away to our readers.

In the spirit of their underground and metro-system themed horror shorts collection The End of the Line, editor Jon Oliver decided for this latest outing to focus upon the traditionally spooky theme of the haunted house. And from what I’ve read thus far I can assure you that this House of Fear, released October 1st, is a corker of a collection, with a selection of tales ranging from the appropriately chilling to downright gob-smacking and insidious in their inception. Click here to read more.. »

BFS Fantasy Awards 2011: Shortlist

Posted on 27th June 2011 in Blog

Only the awarding of a Blue Peter badge can normally get me as excited as I am right now. You see, the shortlist for the BFS Fantasy Awards 2011 was released a short while ago, and it’s a giddy time for our beloved genre. Whilst it’s great indeed to see strong books, authors and tales being deservedly nominated, it’s still more than compelling to see who will walk away a winner in the various categories. So, down to business.

The five nominations for best novel, for the August Derleth fantasy award, are: Adam Nevill’s Apartment 16, Sam Stone’s Demon Dance, Tom Fletcher’s The Leaping, Gary McMahon’s Pretty Little Dead Things and Graham Joyce’s The Silent Land. I’ve not yet read Demon Dance, so I can’t pass comment, but a review of Pretty Little Dead things will be forthcoming later this week. I am scared to say which I prefer to win for fear of jinxing it, but I wish all nominees the best of luck. Click here to read more.. »

The End of the Line – Jonathan Oliver (Editor)

Posted on 4th April 2011 in Reviews

I’ve always been fascinated with the London Underground, and other metro systems I’ve encountered worldwide, such as the Paris M├ętro or the Washington DC system. As a child I was drawn to Harry Beck’s famous map of the Underground: all of those coloured lines representing different passages beneath the sprawling metropolis, and numerous opportunities to travel across the fair city.

Yet as much as I love the Underground, there’s no denying a certain element of menace there too. Dark and dank corners where ominous shadows melt into even stranger shapes, clusters of drunken folks loitering threateningly near dilapidated elevators, isolated station platforms near to closing time, that is apart from that strange trench coat wearing chap up the end there…and is that a hook on his right hand? Click here to read more.. »