The Magic Cottage by James Herbert

Posted on 19th April 2011 in Reviews

When a cute young couple go house hunting, away from the big smoke of London town, they find the property of their dreams in the shape of an idyllic, but dilapidated, cottage named Gramarye.

Tucked away in the harmonious folds of Hampshire’s New Forest, it initially seems out of the pair’s grasp. Luckily, a stipulation in the will of the late owner of the property that a ‘suitable person, or persons’ live in the cottage brings a welcome opportunity, and the couple are able to meet the cost of the house. So it is that they move into their charming dream home.

Gramarye is a quaint and cosy cottage, and the way that it blends with the forest and elements of nature which surround it set a pleasant scene. For a time the reader will also become no doubt jealous of what seems like a very cool place to live indeed. Click here to read more.. »

House of Blood by Bryan Smith

Posted on 8th February 2011 in Reviews

house-of-blood-bryan-smithThere are those books which, due to their tone or an author’s deep meaning and intentions, demand you take them seriously. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations would be one such example, from the wider classical literary world. Or say, something by Jonathan Franzen or John Irving.

Then there are those books that have earned a reputation from genre fans, or horror genre fans as is the case for our beloved site, that similarly request a certain regard be given to their consideration.  Anything by a canon-author such as Stephen King, or say Anne Rice, might fall under such an umbrella.

Then there are those books which we pace through, which entertain and shock, and are like a brief summer’s fling in that they are a short, uncomplicated burst of high-energy and fun.  House of Blood is one such book.  There’s nothing bad about it; it’s a perfect staple of the horror genre, with the thrills and spills (of viscera of course) one would come to expect, even demand from a book with such a name. Click here to read more.. »