Alarums by Richard Laymon

Posted on 13th July 2011 in Reviews

I’ve loved reading Richard Laymon’s horror novels since, as a teenager, I picked up a copy of his horror novel Flesh. That book totally engrossed me with its riveting, and at times quite shocking, sci-fi-tinted, story of alien infestation and zombie-like menace. Here was a horror writer who knew how to distil his words and ideas down into sharp and scary texts, time and again, to great effect.

Alarums is equally punchy and precise. Its focus is upon a pair of sisters, Melanie and Penelope Conway, who couldn’t be more different. Melanie is a concert violinist, and is quiet with a slightly retracted and passive personality, whilst her sister Penelope is the opposite; she’s very attractive and quite outgoing, and is bold and assertive where her sister is more restrained. Click here to read more.. »

Summer of Scares (Muahahahaha)

Posted on 28th June 2011 in Blog

Okay, the ‘muahahaha’ is optional, but I just wanted to mention that Summer Scares kicked off this month. That’s a part of the seasonal horror book appreciation tie-up organised by The Monster Librarian with Horrorworld, The Horror Fiction Review, Hellnotes and yours truly. Again, artist Darlene Wanglund has put together a great graphic for the promotion, the full version of which you can check here.

For information on what’s hot this summer in the world of horror fiction you can do much, much worse than check out the above sites for a great breakdown of various genre fiction titles. It’s exciting stuff, and hopefully you’ll find something to chill your bones in this sizzling and sweltering heat we’re experiencing. Well, we have done for a day or two in London anyway. But rain is sure to come soon and cool us down a little, it’s the Wimbledon tournament after all. Click here to read more.. »

Spring into Terror

Posted on 2nd April 2011 in Blog

Springtime is in full effect. Flower bulbs are breaking the surface, and the sun is extending its glorious rays of light upon our native soils. Blue skies, increased temperatures (hopefully!) and happy days abound; that’s not all however: it’s also a time of literary terror promotion.

Spooky Reads is proud to announce our tie-up with several horror book review sites, headed up by The Monster Librarian, for the Spring into Terror season. During this time we link up to share our reviews of horror books released in this period, and to give a little bit of extra love to that genre of fiction that holds a special place in our hearts.

So please, spare a moment to check out The Monster Librarian, Horror World, Hell Notes and Horror Fiction Review sites for their coverage of horror book reviews during the Spring into Terror. Also, check out the cool mascot for this endeavour pictured in this post. He’s by artist Darlene Wanglund and is known as Horatio P. Bunny.

30 Days of Night (And Day)

Posted on 29th January 2011 in Blog

So we’re pretty much a month into 2011, and it’s time for a New Year’s resolutions check.  Just kidding of course, but I do hope everyone is going well with their own respective goals and aims thus far.  If it’s anything like my own list then reviewing the number of failed items really could make for a scary reading session for some folks I’d bet.

This end of the wire, so far 2011 has been fairly eventful reading-wise.  A few good books, old and new, have been read and more reviews forthcoming for the site going forward.  I must say that I am still very excited for 2011 as regards new books, not to mention new authors to the horror, weird and supernatural scene. Click here to read more.. »