The Ravenglass Eye by Tom Fletcher

Posted on 10th October 2012 in Reviews

Tom Fletcher’s writing has piqued my interest since I read his powerful debut The Leaping back in 2010. Its unique style, meshing of colloquial and esoteric supernatural ruminations coupled with what’s clearly a genuine passion (and talent) for this horror writing malarkey, made this reader sit up and take notice.

His second novel, the Lovecraftian-sounding The Thing on the Shore was equally troubling; its hints of malevolent, evil entities merging with the everyday mundane yet surreal, were incorporated alongside excellently steered human sentiment. It both nodded toward global concerns, magnified rotten and flawed, imperfect human nature, and really took exception to capitalist extremities to concoct a bizarre, burlesque melting pot of double-fine horror.

With his third novel, The Ravenglass Eye, we’re treated to something that really is different in so many ways to what’s gone before. But yet that unique and confident style, that unerring desire to tell a cracking supernatural yarn; that’s here, and more. Click here to read more.. »

Halloween Horrors 2012

Posted on 10th October 2012 in Blog

It’s that time again folks; Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve a plethora of delightful horror book-related review link-ups going on. We’ve joined up with Monster Librarian, thanks to whom should go for organising this season’s multi-site horror fiction review rotunda. Along with the big ML and several other trusted horror book review partners it’s time for Halloween Horrors 2012.

Monster Librarian’s books for review can be viewed here, Hellnotes here, Horror Fiction Review can be found here, and Horror World at this location. All of these sites are run by those passionate about horror books, and all approach the genre from a different angle, but in a most valuable way.

So if you’re looking for a great book to read in this season of terror, check out what these other horror book review sites are recommending. As usual, those books featuring in our Halloween Horrors line-up will be tagged Halloween Horrors 2012 and can be found here when they go up!

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