Spooky Reads Horror Book of the Year 2011

Posted on 19th December 2011 in Blog

Hats off to all writers of dread, weird and supernatural literature – you’ve kept this reader most entertained with scary texts in 2011; I know from the blogosphere and book review sites out there I am not alone. This really has been a great year for horror fiction.

2011 saw some superb books hitting our shelves, Kindles and suchlike. Whatever your proclivity insofar as the horror sub-genre of choice, there’s no denying there were rich pickings to be had. But to business, and the announcement of this the first Spooky Reads Horror Book of the Year award.

A quick recap then of nominations for this year’s book which were: Adam Baker’s Outpost, Gary McMahon’s Dead Bad Things, The Thing on the Shore by Tom Fletcher, The Ritual by Adam Nevill, and House of Fear edited by Jon Oliver. Click here to read more.. »

Horror Book of the Year 2011 Nominations

Posted on 8th December 2011 in Blog

Oh, what an awesome year it has been for horror fiction and its related sub-genres. I’ve read and reviewed a lot of great books in 2011. Spooky Reads passed its first anniversary back on November 25th, and now I’m launching what will be a yearly nod to those tomes which I deem some of the spookiest reads out there.

Spooky Reads is awarding a main prize, Best Horror Book, and a silver medal to the next strongest book titled Notably Macabre. The Best Horror Book is that which I’ve considered to be the most enjoyable horror read of the past year. Something that grabbed my attention, shook me around and generally gave my synapses a good kicking. General all round horror excellence, and suchlike. Notably Macabre is a nod to another book which though not quite king of the lot, is a title I’ve found to be nonetheless worthy of strong mention and attention. Click here to read more.. »

Dead Bad Things by Gary McMahon

Posted on 15th August 2011 in Reviews

Dead Bad Things is a fierce and primal supernatural novel. Brutalist horror writer Gary McMahon has succeeded not only in gestating further the furtive world he seeded in its prequel, Pretty Little Dead Things, but has also excelled in exuding a sense of menace and threat rarely seen in paranormal fiction.

But be under no illusion, this is bleak stuff. Black stuff. Chose a metaphor: chiselled from onyx, painted on pitch canvas, cut from darkest cloth; any are suitable. I don’t normally care for my horror to be so perpetually gnashing, unless it really is doing something special. Books from the dread literature canon that have awed others with their decadent flourish, such as Exquisite Corpse or The Seven Days of Peter Crumb, left me fairly ambivalent as I felt they over-played their more traumatic aspects to their detriment. Click here to read more.. »

Author Interview – Gary McMahon

Posted on 4th July 2011 in Features

Gary McMahon’s 2010 horror-thriller Pretty Little Dead Things raised the bar for supernatural fiction with its spooky spin on the traditional private investigator role. Its protaganist, Thomas Usher, and the haunted, tortured quest upon which he’s thrust combined to create a powerful read. A recent BFS Fantasy Award nomination for that book is a definite nod toward McMahon’s growing credentials as a horror fiction writer of note.

Likewise, McMahon’s recently published The Concrete Grove, the first in a trilogy of the same name, is a strong horror book. That uses the brutalist housing estate as centre-point in what looks to be a terrific series. Blending terrors of the human kind – as well as those of a supernatural inclination – it’s a must-read for the horror fiction fan.

Luckily for Spooky Reads, and our readers, we were able to grab a slice of Gary’s time and get his input on several areas of the contemporary, and historical, horror novel, as well as introspectives upon his own work. Covering areas from atmosphere to architecture, nature to humming birds and beyond, this is an insightful interview and definitely of interest to the fan of supernatural and dread fiction. Click here to read more.. »