Dark War by Tim Waggoner

Posted on 29th September 2011 in Reviews

I must admit that given the prevalence of zombie literature out there I can get a bit fed up with the whole walking dead thing. Whether, as Coleridge put it, ‘they groaned, they stirred, they all uprose…’ they’d better do so in a manner of story that isn’t boring, and leaves me wanting to provide them with a cranial drill, a drinking-straw and simply let them have at my frontal cortex.

In a way Tim Waggoner’s Dark War, starring ‘self-willed’ zombie Matt Richter, is something of a tonic for folks like me. It’s tongue-in-cheek enough to overlook the otherwise single-eyebrow raising moments, fresh enough to revitalise areas that might be seen as clich├ęd, and Waggoner’s writing is strong enough to drag you from one scene to the next without dishevelment. That it’s also far from being a ‘zombie book’ is also relief indeed. Click here to read more.. »