Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

Posted on 8th July 2012 in Reviews

Many have written entertaining, chilling renditions of zombie lit to keep the horror fiction fan entertained; though as many, if not more, have stumbled in their attempt to frame this area of the dread-literature canon. With Plague Town we’ve a zombie book aimed at the more mainstream pulp-horror audience, and it’s one whose author Dana Fredsti has balanced decently, and with a nod to those finest traditions which have gone before, ideas and their implementation to create an entertaining – though quite clich├ęd – read.

Plague Town focuses on the plight surrounding Ashley Parker, a student in the college town of Redwood Grove. Lots of folks in the town have been suffering from a highly contagious, not to mention downright nasty, strain of the flu that’s going by the nickname of Walker’s. The reader soon learns that this flu is fatal – but that there’s also a lingering undeath after-life effect for those who succumb to it. So it is that many of the victims of the dreaded z-bug expire only to start the dreaded undead-shuffle, with a good dose of flesh-eating desire thrown in for good measure. Click here to read more.. »