Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies by Bryan Smith

Posted on 14th September 2011 in Reviews

The preface to Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies has Bryan Smith scribe a dedication to the punk rock and heavy metal bands that featured prominently in his life; as he clearly states, it’s a nod also to those acts that kept him sane as young man. With a comprehensive list of artists who influenced and motivated him it’s an interesting read for sure, understandable by anyone who feels passionately toward any art, whatever form it takes. He then follows that opening with another kick-ass tribute, one in the form of this novella itself.

This book may be a celebration of musical and zombie genres, but above all I take it as much as being a billet-doux to the pulp-horror fiction genre itself. From the atmosphere it oozes from its opening pages, it’s a far-out tale of dutiful boyfriend Wayne Devereaux and his mission to free his girlfriend from the dangerous clutches of the maniacal staff of the Southern Illinois Music Re-education Center (SIMRC). Click here to read more.. »

House of Blood by Bryan Smith

Posted on 8th February 2011 in Reviews

house-of-blood-bryan-smithThere are those books which, due to their tone or an author’s deep meaning and intentions, demand you take them seriously. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations would be one such example, from the wider classical literary world. Or say, something by Jonathan Franzen or John Irving.

Then there are those books that have earned a reputation from genre fans, or horror genre fans as is the case for our beloved site, that similarly request a certain regard be given to their consideration.  Anything by a canon-author such as Stephen King, or say Anne Rice, might fall under such an umbrella.

Then there are those books which we pace through, which entertain and shock, and are like a brief summer’s fling in that they are a short, uncomplicated burst of high-energy and fun.  House of Blood is one such book.  There’s nothing bad about it; it’s a perfect staple of the horror genre, with the thrills and spills (of viscera of course) one would come to expect, even demand from a book with such a name. Click here to read more.. »

Depraved by Bryan Smith

Posted on 23rd December 2010 in Reviews

Depraved-book-coverI think anyone picking up Depraved from the shelves of their local bookstore, or browsing online, will be under no misconception as to what they’re about to let themselves in for.  Let’s just say that this isn’t a mysterious-noise/creaking floorboard/wind-whistling down isolated town-house corridors in the middle of the night-type of a novel. This is Depraved.

Tennessee-based horror writer Smith tells a tale of several individuals who’ve become lost deep in redneck country, and entrapped by a backward, oft-inbred society that treats outsiders with as much contempt and disregard as perversely possible.

Those taken face horrific outcomes to their predicaments, and Smith adds to the Deliverance-styled theme with a salubrious interspersing of murderous rampage, demonic corruption and near untold deviance. Click here to read more.. »