Author Interview – Gary McMahon

Posted on 4th July 2011 in Features

Gary McMahon’s 2010 horror-thriller Pretty Little Dead Things raised the bar for supernatural fiction with its spooky spin on the traditional private investigator role. Its protaganist, Thomas Usher, and the haunted, tortured quest upon which he’s thrust combined to create a powerful read. A recent BFS Fantasy Award nomination for that book is a definite nod toward McMahon’s growing credentials as a horror fiction writer of note.

Likewise, McMahon’s recently published The Concrete Grove, the first in a trilogy of the same name, is a strong horror book. That uses the brutalist housing estate as centre-point in what looks to be a terrific series. Blending terrors of the human kind – as well as those of a supernatural inclination – it’s a must-read for the horror fiction fan.

Luckily for Spooky Reads, and our readers, we were able to grab a slice of Gary’s time and get his input on several areas of the contemporary, and historical, horror novel, as well as introspectives upon his own work. Covering areas from atmosphere to architecture, nature to humming birds and beyond, this is an insightful interview and definitely of interest to the fan of supernatural and dread fiction. Click here to read more.. »

Author Interview – Adam Nevill

Posted on 2nd June 2011 in Features

Adam Nevill’s powerful supernatural horror novel The Ritual was released last month, and consistent with his earlier two horror outings delivered high quality shocks and scares aplenty.

Adam kindly spared me a not inconsiderable chunk of his time to answer a few questions about his books, the sources for inspiration that lay behind them, some feedback on writing and publishing, and on why horror should be disturbing.

His earlier novels Apartment 16 and Banquet for the Damned marked Adam as a definitive and powerful voice in the world of horror fiction, but more so they showed him as a fine writer in any genre. Check out this highly insightful interview for a chance to glimpse into the mind of one of horror fiction’s leading figures. Click here to read more.. »

Author Interview – Adam Baker

Posted on 29th April 2011 in Features

Adam Baker’s excellent apocalyptic horror-thriller Outpost was released earlier this month, and it’s a corker of a book. I was lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Adam’s time to pick his brain, obviously not with the same diligence as one of the more threatening characters from his recent novel, and glean some information as regards his influences, outlooks and views on horror fiction (amongst other things).

The resulting output was revelatory, with information on a prequel to Outpost that’s currently in the works, and then there’s a low-down on the author’s instant snack habits (I was, I have to admit, disheartened as regards the Pot Noodle comment). It was great to chat with Adam, who is one of a crop of strong horror authors currently producing some great books out of the U.K.

A big thanks to Adam for sparing a few moments of his time in what has been a very busy month for him, and you’ll no doubt join me in wishing him the best of luck for Outpost. Now, introductions aside, let’s move on to the interview… Click here to read more.. »