Outpost by Adam Baker

Posted on 12th April 2011 in Reviews

Adam Baker owes me several nights of sleep. His debut novel Outpost kept me up late for a few days in a row, my eyes flickering eagerly across rows and rows of thought-fuelling, horror-laden text, rather than counting those proverbial slumber-sheep. Despite my need for at least seven hours a night of quality down-time, it just wasn’t happening as I couldn’t put this book down.

Regardless of genre, if I’m still reading till the wee hours then something special is going on. It’s also highly likely that any such book will likely stay engrained in my memory for a good time to come, which will be the case with this most excellent apocalyptic action-horror novel. Click here to read more.. »

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Posted on 20th December 2010 in Reviews

Dark-Matter-book-coverAs we enter the festive season I like to intermingle my reading with a dip into the occasional, more traditional, ghost story;  think along the lines of M R James and his yearly Christmas supernatural tale.

This year I’ve not been disappointed as, in Dark Matter, Michelle Paver shows the world she knows how to craft a chilling tale indeed.  Aptly subtitled ‘A Ghost Story’ I would beg to differ slightly, but not to contradict that moniker.  This short, powerfully written tale of Arctic exploration in Norway pre-second world war is so much more than its title alludes. Click here to read more.. »