Alarums by Richard Laymon

Posted on 13th July 2011 in Reviews

I’ve loved reading Richard Laymon’s horror novels since, as a teenager, I picked up a copy of his horror novel Flesh. That book totally engrossed me with its riveting, and at times quite shocking, sci-fi-tinted, story of alien infestation and zombie-like menace. Here was a horror writer who knew how to distil his words and ideas down into sharp and scary texts, time and again, to great effect.

Alarums is equally punchy and precise. Its focus is upon a pair of sisters, Melanie and Penelope Conway, who couldn’t be more different. Melanie is a concert violinist, and is quiet with a slightly retracted and passive personality, whilst her sister Penelope is the opposite; she’s very attractive and quite outgoing, and is bold and assertive where her sister is more restrained. Click here to read more.. »