A Matter Of Blood by Sarah Pinborough

Posted on 8th September 2011 in Reviews

A Matter of Blood sees Sarah Pinborough craft a bleak, near-future semi-dystopian setting for this the first in her horror-thriller trilogy The Dog-Faced Gods. The government and population are broke: the financial system has collapsed, handed a life-line via a global corporate behemoth The Bank. The NHS is at breaking point and is available for few people, a woeful situation compounded by a new, more virulent strain of HIV that’s rapaciously claiming more victims.

As if this state of play wasn’t sufficient enough to depress, criminal atrocities that play an immediate backdrop to the novel include the daylight shooting and murder of two children, and a brutal serial killer slaughtering citizens in a brazen, yet sickly creative manner. Make no mistake, the London, and atmosphere, which this book sets up provokes discomfort as one realises that given a few small nudges one way or another in the global-macro fiscal state alone, it could be a city that’s much more realised. Click here to read more.. »