Halloween Horrors 2011

Posted on 1st October 2011 in Blog

As Halloween approaches it’s time for Spooky Reads and its fellow dread literature associate sites to get focussing upon books for this scariest of seasons. With thanks to the Monster Librarian, who organises this cross-site celebration of horror fiction I’d like to recommend that readers of Spooky Reads check out books being reviewed for Halloween across our different partner sites.

Monster Librarian’s books for review can be viewed here, Hellnotes here, Horror Fiction Review can be found here, and Horror World at this location. All of these sites are run by those passionate about horror books, and all approach the genre from a different angle, but in a most valuable way. I’d recommend checking them out throughout the year for additional insight!

So, for the month of October, in the run up to the 31st, books on Spooky Reads will be reviewed with the usual love and care, but also tagged Halloween Horrors, in association with the promotional tie-in. To see all books as they’re reviewed just click on the associate tag here. As with the other seasonal book promotions, a big thanks to Darlene Wanglund for her cool and very creepy art work, the full sized version of which can be found here.


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