Dark Tower Related Happenings

Posted on 27th April 2011 in Blog

It’s not just the weather that’s been heating up lately (at least here in the U.K.). Stephen King’s epic fantasy/horror/sci-fi book series The Dark Tower has seen a fair amount of bubbling activity also, in regards to both print and a planned big (and small-screen) adaptations.

Per the New York Post, Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem has finally inked his signature on a contract to star as Roland Deschain in a Dark Tower three movie set along with accompanying TV-series to follow. Bardem had long been favoured for the role in director Ron Howard’s outing, but nothing had yet been made concrete. Film studio Universal had earlier said that the first movie will open in May 2013, so hopefully they can get those cameras rolling now.

That wasn’t the only excitement that Dark Tower fans had had recently; news from the King himself just a few weeks ago officially cemented in place what had been hinted at back in 2009.That was of confirmation that there would be an eighth novel in the series – titled The Wind Through the Keyhole – to be published in 2012.

King had initially asked his fans whether they’d prefer a follow-up to The Shining or a new Dark Tower book via a poll on his website. And though The Shining sequel won out on votes (only just though, with 5,861 of the vote vs. 5,821 for the Dark Tower book) it looks like the latter will be published first.

Hopefully though, the sequel to The Shining will still happen. I for one would very much like to read it. Okay, that’s something of an understatement. I would like more than just very much like to read it. Meanwhile though, I’ve a re-reading (and reviewing) of The Dark Tower series planned over the summer, which will hopefully tide me over until 11.22.63 is released.

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