Welcome to Spooky Reads, your home on the internet for reviews of books in the horror, supernatural, paranormal and weird fiction genres.

A little about me, I guess, is in order.  I’m a huge fan of horror fiction.  That’s the most important thing to impart to you.  I’ve been reading horror novels from a young age through to ripe adulthood, and that part of my brain not too twisted by some of the devilish prose written by horror authors out there wanted to let others know what I think of the books that I’ve read and am reading.   Not to forget to mention, where appropriate, news related to the horror publishing and writing community.

Expect lots of reviews of books, old and new, in the horror, supernatural and weird fiction genre.  I’m of the strong belief in pushing books already written that are out there undiscovered for many, as much as reading and reviewing new books that come my way.

So please, do dig in to the reviews here on the site, and check back regularly for updates to news and reviews!

Will “The Spooky Reader”

Webmaster and Editor-in-chief