30 Days of Night (And Day)

Posted on 29th January 2011 in Blog

So we’re pretty much a month into 2011, and it’s time for a New Year’s resolutions check.  Just kidding of course, but I do hope everyone is going well with their own respective goals and aims thus far.  If it’s anything like my own list then reviewing the number of failed items really could make for a scary reading session for some folks I’d bet.

This end of the wire, so far 2011 has been fairly eventful reading-wise.  A few good books, old and new, have been read and more reviews forthcoming for the site going forward.  I must say that I am still very excited for 2011 as regards new books, not to mention new authors to the horror, weird and supernatural scene.

Having finished an advanced copy of Outpost by Adam Baker sent to me by Hodder & Stoughton I have to say it’s one of the better horror novels I’ve read in recent years, and would definitely recommend that you all grab yourselves a copy once it comes out in April.  Look for a full review here closer to that time.  For now I’ll say that it had me up into the early hours of the morning, two nights in a row, and is a fresh, exciting horror novel taut with high drama.  Baker’s a welcome addition to the scene, and hopefully this year we’ll see a few more newcomers of this quality.

I’ve been trying to pepper my reading with a couple of older titles, from Richard Laymon to Anne Rice and beyond.  I really find it energising to study the similarities and differences between books from one decade or century or another, between one sub-genre and another.

Given this age of high change in which we live, where things have a habit of turning on a five-pence piece in a split-second, such as we’ve witnessed in political scene around the globe this month, it’s quite reassuring in some ways that the things we like in our horror books – those things that go bump in the night – haven’t really evolved such a huge amount.  Seems we still like our floor boards creaking and our monsters lurking in the shadows, metaphorical or otherwise.

Anyway, must get back to my reading.  Catch you all soon.

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  1. Adam Baker says:

    Thanks for reading ‘Outpost’. Glad you liked it. Can’t wait to read the full review.

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